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If you work with JSON files in your job on a regular basis, you will likely benefit from my new app, Formatter.

It provides a drop window to reformat JSON files quickly, an Xcode extension to do it from inside Xcode (to which you can assign a keyboard shortcut), and a Quick Look plugin to see formatted previews of files on your computer.

It has an adorable icon created by the talented Florian. I arbitrarily picked purple as a color, he took care of the rest. He does good work, you should hire him.

Drop Window

Formatter app screenshot with file hovering over the window.

Formatter provides a convenient window to drop your JSON files and instantly reformat them. You can also drop your files on the Dock icon as well. It will be done before you have a chance to open up Facebook or get up for coffee!

Xcode Extension

Formatter also includes an Xcode extension which you can enable in System Preferences. This gives a menu item in Xcode you can use to format JSON files you are looking at from inside your project. All those JSON files you included for your unit tests will be nice and readable with minimal effort.

It will turn this:

Formatter screenshot showing unformatted JSON file in Xcode.

Into this:

Formatter screenshot showing formatted JSON file in Xcode.

All with a menu item. You can assign any hotkey you want to this and quickly reformat your JSON without reaching for the mouse.

Quick Look

If you're browsing through your files looking for a specific JSON file, Formatter provides a Quick Look plugin to make life a bit easier for you. Tap space bar and you'll see a nicely-formatter preview of your JSON file so you can see if that's the file you're looking for.

Screenshot showing Quick Look plugin's preview of example JSON file.

Much easier to see if this is the file you were looking for.

It's available now!
Available on the App Store