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Roundwall Software's Open Source

April 06, 2015 - Roundwall Software

At Úll this year, Arik Devens challenged us to share more open source code with each other. Here at Roundwall Software, we benefit greatly from open source projects, both large and small ones, all the time, so it seems only right to give back. Now Roundwall Software's apps haven't been absurdly popular, but if sharing code helps someone, then good.

Roundwall Software's first open source projects will be the apps we attempted to launch that did not work.


EasyFollow was designed to make it easy to find people on Twitter and follow them. Especially at conferences, it could be helpful to find and follow the 5 people you just met without opening your normal Twitter app which is full of mentions and messages. Unfortunately, Apple did not agree and the app was rejected for insufficient functionality.


Chainguard has been written about before on our blog. It did it's job for us, but not very many other people. After only 50$ in revenue, it is considered a failure and gets no more development time. Perhaps someone will find some interesting bits of code in here to help in their own projects. The code does also include a bunch of unit tests which might be interesting for people who wish to learn about testing code.

You'll find more projects like this and perhaps some smaller libraries/utilities under the new organization page.