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Publicist Update

May 05, 2019 - Roundwall Software

Publicist version 1.1.0 is now live in the App Store. This version corrects the rather embarassing problem where Publicist did not work with newer versions of Ghost.

Development on Publicist started over a year ago and most of my work to support Ghost was tested against my own blog. Ghost before version 2.16.1 did not have an easily-accessible API, but I worked around that. I did not expect that they would change this any time soon and did not want to wait to release Publicist until they did.

In my excitement to finally release 1.0 though, I did not check to see if Ghost had changed anything and it turns out they did back in February with the release of 2.16.1. 2.16.1 adds a more officially supported API which makes setup in Publicist much simpler.

If you're like me and run your Ghost blog yourself, you maybe haven't updated. Publicist will work on older releases of Ghost still, so you're taken care of. Anyone who has updated or is paying for hosting directly from Ghost.org will be on the latest version of Ghost and you'll need this latest update to Publicist.