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Operation Morale-Boost: Meet Ghosty

January 08, 2015 - Roundwall Software

The first week of my morale-boosting project is nearly complete and I would like to show you what I've been working on.

The app is (for now) called Ghosty. It is an iOS app for connecting to blogs using the hip platform, Ghost. Like Wordpress, they provide an option to host it yourself or to pay for hosting using their service. Either way you do this, it would be great to be able to publish from your iPhone or iPad.

iOS-based publishing is part of the reason services like Twitter and Instagram are so successful, so it seemed like a good choice to build (especially considering blogs I wrote on like this one are using Ghost).

With sharing extentions, this effort becomes even easier, so I believe I'll be able to build a good working product in about a month. Ghosty doesn't need to be a great blog editor, simply a great blog publisher. There is a big pile of excellent editors available on iOS already, they just need a way to get that post onto your Ghost-run blog. Ghosty will provide that.

Fingers crossed!