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New wider Venture 5.8

October 01, 2011 - Roundwall Software

Shortly after DLX acquired Venture, Venture announced that they would be releasing new, wider trucks. Previously, Venture only made trucks that were 8 inches and 7.75 inches wide. This is all fine and dandy for all skaters who enjoy riding boards that are 7.5-8.0 inches wide or so, but those of us who enjoyed 8.38, 8.4, and 8.5 inch deck widths were forced to choose trucks from somebody else like Independent, Thunder, Tracker, etc. These new trucks Venture released are exactly what we bigger-board-riders have been waiting for.

These new Ventures are the same width (comparing hangars and axels) as Independent 149s and Thunder 149s. The Venture 5.8s are just a little bit taller than my Thunder 149s and my Independent forged 149s. This new width makes for a nice choice if you like to ride decks between 8.25 and 8.75 inches roughly. I personally would ride these happily with decks in the range of 8.25 inches to 8.5 inches wide.

This new truck rides better than its narrower brothers. Even with the stock bushings, they turn smoothly and effectively. They have a more progressive lean than Independents or Thunders. That is to say that, the further you tilt your deck to one side, the more resistance youll feel. Different bushings could affect this and change it if youre not a fan.

You can see the collorways available here and start hassling your local shop for a pair today!