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New Publicist

March 15, 2021 - Roundwall Software

A new version of Publicist is now live in the app store! This version includes a few big changes I wanted to tell you about.

1. Removing Subscriptions

Since the Mac App Store does not allow for upgrade pricing, I thought subscriptions might be the best fit for the app. This way I could provide a free trial of the app's full functionality and give customers a chance to really test the app. Customers could pay once per year for an app that stayed up to date and I could have fairly predictable revenue which would make it possible to keep the app up to date. Everyone wins or so I thought. The reality is, a very small fraction of the downloads Publicist receives results in someone even starting the one month free trial. Instead I've changed things to a one-time purchase to unlock the app. Until it is unlocked, users won't be able to actually publish their posts, but I'm hoping that will give them a chance to see enough of the app to decide to unlock it. For those of you who did subscribe, the app will continue to work for you and you will no longer need to pay for your subscription. I really appreciate your support and you will get full use of the app for as long as it lives.

2. SwiftUI!

Apple has provided a new UI framework that allows me to produce the app with less room for interface-related bugs as well as get close to an iOS version of Publicist. I've re-written the app's interface to use this which gives the app a more "Big Sur" feel. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you again for everyone who has supported Roundwall Software! If you are enjoying Publicist, please feel free to tell your friends and leave a review in the Mac App Store.