Celebrating 10 Years!

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June 13, 2013 - Roundwall Software

Being a part of Appsterdam and trying again to run my own business has made me think differently about community.

We grew up as nerds in school and learned to expect people would think we’re lame for the things we loved. We kept the things we loved to ourselves and looked for the few people on Earth who also loved those things as much as we did so we could share with them.

Community is really not just about sharing with other people who are as deep into what you love. It’s also about opening up what you love to teach it and make it accessible to people who are interested.

Community is about helping and getting help from those around you. With one hand we each should reach out for help and with the other we should reach back to help those behind us. Together, we all pull each other up and the community thrives.

The fact that the Objective-C community is still growing at a crazy rate and is already huge does not mean our community can’t be the one some of us know from before the iPhone. There’s just more of us to help each other out now, this is a good thing. We should all be reaching out so we can collectively lift the whole community up.