Celebrating 10 Years!

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A Dream Client

October 22, 2020 - Roundwall Software

I'm happy with the clients I've worked with in the last years. Most projects have been interesting and filled with nice people. I'd like to take it a step further if possible and share more of what it's like to be a consulting software engineer.

Most of us have to sign NDA's and such to work with a client and in the end have nothing to show people. We're unable to open source any of the code we wrote to share with the world and in some cases aren't even able to share that we worked with the client at all. This isn't necessarily bad, we're getting paid to do job and that's fine.

Previously I worked the startup OYA which is unfortunately now shut down. This client was a first for me because I didn't just get to share some of the code I wrote for them, but we shared the code for the entire app. So now, even though the company has closed its doors, I can still share the work we did and everyone can see a production iOS app written in Swift using GraphQL and trying to make use of SwiftUI in parts.

I'd like to take this even further on a new client, with their permission, of course. Livestreaming coding and pair programming sessions and maybe even some meetings. To many people, software engineering is either a complete unknown or has been glorified unrealistically. I'd like to shatter that with real depictions of real projects. This wouldn't need to be every hour of every day. I think an a day a week would be plenty.

This could potentially even be good for the client. The only startup that I know of that has made use of twitch and live-streaming to build attention for their product is Minecraft. There must be others, but it does not appear to be very common at all. I think it would also help recruiting new engineers because they'll have a chance to see how the team works in a way no interview process can show. If this describes your company, definitely get in touch!