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2014: The Year Business Worked

January 07, 2015 - Roundwall Software

I didn't want to write a long retrospective, but I thought I should mention something about the last year.

2013 was stressful and terrifying. I almost had to borrow money from my family to leave Amsterdam and move back to Oklahoma where I would need to live with my mom while I recovered. I didn't just hit the bottom, I smashed through the floor. That year I decided to take a risk and hold on. 2014 was the year my business worked. Now at the end of 2014 there is money in the bank, there are happy clients, residency is safe, and I was able to fly my mom and my aunt to come visit me.

It's always hard to "know when to hold em" or "know when to fold em", especially when it involves your life or your career. I won't even pretend to claim I know what made things work, but I'm so very glad they did.

Thank you to everyone who helped me survive. Thank you to everyone who put up with me.