1. The 30 Day Music Challenge you're going to do

    Why Sometimes a cheesy random challenge helps can help you get out of your rut and start something new. I propose we do exactly that. All of you who play/sing music: record yourself playing every day for 30 days. Put the videos on Instagram. The time limit Instagram imposes (max 1 minute) will help to make this doable since you can't spend the afternoon trying to get a whole song perfect on camera. I don't care what instrument you use or how good you are. Sing, strum, blow, whatever you've got. The point of this is to get over mental barriers to recording. So if you record and publish, you win. This isn't about getting the perfect take or having the best ever recording quality, this is about showing up. I figure if you do this every day, your recordings will improve on their own even if you don't

    Samuel Goodwin music