April 14, 2019

Release Day!

At long last, Publicist is ready!

You can download it in the app store.

Screenshot of Publicist

Work began on this some time ago. You can read about the earlier part of the process in my previous blog post. After four more months of polishing and debating the last details, it's finally ready. I found a great designer, Florian (aka @bloomingbridges) and hassled him into helping me get this finished.

On day one, Publicist supports publishing blog posts with images on Wordpress and Ghost. There's certainly room for other blog engines in the future, but I wanted to focus on a small core of support initially.

Publicist is subscription based and I've set up an initial free trial period of one month. I think this should be enough time for someone to see if the app works for them. Because it is a yearly subscription, I'm free to update the app as often as I possibly can. I have no motivation to hold back features and improvements for a major paid release because every customer has effectively already paid. Instead, my priority will be to make Publicist an app you will like enough to renew your subscription next year.

Because this is version one, I wanted to offer a special deal to my first customers. Anyone who subscribes in the first 6 months will get a special price of 19.99$/year and that will stay the same for the first 2 years. As I improve the app over time, I will add to the price for new customers, but this will not affect you early adopters.