July 3, 2019

Publicist 1.2

Publicist version 1.2 is available today! It includes a few features I wanted to get out before I looked into all the new things announced at WWDC this year. One of these features did not make it into the release unfortunately. I built a Sharing Extension to give a simple way to quickly publish a post directly from any editor that supported sharing (like CotEditor). This is not in version 1.2 though because of a confirmed bug with OS X. The bug is even present in the latest Catalina betas, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to ship this extension. Here's hoping the bug is fixed soon (I did file a bug with Apple).

Here's what you can do in the new version of Publicist:

Future Publishing

You can now set the published date for posts, including some time in the future. This will schedule the post to go live on the date you set.

Jekyll-style front-matter

To make publishing even smoother, you can now specify the title, tags, and publish date for articles directly in your markdown file itself. If you add something like:

title: This Is The Title
tag: Writing, Encourant
date: 2015-01-02

to the top of your file, Publicist will see this and set those values for you on the newly published article. This saves you the step of changing these values from the new-article window. A little power-user move to save you some time!

I hope you'll continue to enjoy Publicist and I look forward to future updates as the year continues. If you haven't subscribed already, keep in mind that the price for new subscribers will go up later this year, so you might want to save some money and get started now!