It's the start of a new year and that seems like a good excuse to try something different. I'd like to work on a project for funsies. For this project, I don't want to care about market, profits, making a client happy, or any of the junk that fills my RSS feeds with doom and gloom. I'd like to pick a fairly small idea and just execute on it well. It should meet a few requirements:

  • Project time shouldn't take more than a month.
  • It doesn't matter what gets built as long as it is built well.
  • I must write about it.
  • Ideally I could work on this with someone I enjoy working with. I work alone plenty already.
  • It should be tested as much as possible.

The final product will be published to the App Store for everyone to see. I don't plan on making more than about $20 from it, but an app isn't done until it's for sale. Perhaps I'll also publish the source code when it's done.