August 20, 2012

My Apology

I take back everything I said about
RubyMotion. While spending some time
hanging out with some old musicians (guys in their 60s) I came to
realize just how terrible I sound by saying pretty much anything
negative about efforts in software-land like RubyMotion. Largely my
motivations for disliking the project stemmed from my fear that I would
have to work with people who chose to use it to make their project. That
fear is entirely invalid. I will probably never need to work on a
project using RubyMotion same as I won’t ever need to work on a Java
project or any other language I might not like. I am fortunate enough to
have the skills and friends necessary to easily find work whenever I
need it. I then repaid the world for my good fortune by openly bashing a
project which did not deserve my hatred. This disappoints me as much or
more than it disappointed you.

You should do whatever it takes for you to develop your app, wether it’s
some language/framework I don’t like or some intense yoga routine. As
long as you’re not stealing or trying to screw over somebody, go nuts.
It certainly might end up being a terrible way to develop software, but
there are plenty of other
your app will disappear (or
to launch) anyways. Besides, even if you
write your next iOS app with Objective-C like “normal” people do, you
could still end up with a spaghetti-pile of madness no sane programmer
would enjoy. It happens.

At some point, it is entirely possible for the iPhone to fall or for
Apple to decide to use a different language for development. In either
case, I’ll be able to learn whatever I need to get moving on the next
platform/language I need assuming I stop acting like an asshole.